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SecondVet Integrative Animal Portal is a membership based online interactive forum for horse and dog owners that are seeking information and knowledge that can be applied to boost health and soundness. The Integrative Animal Portal was created with the horse and dog owner in mind, realizing that many owners often feel isolated and frustrated, regarding treatment, having exhausted traditional modes of therapy. In many of those cases, all options have not been explored or implemented to their full potential. The Secondvet Integrative Animal Portal is hosted and supervised by experienced clinicians in various fields of veterinary medicine, alternative therapies, and nutrition, with the primary goal of sharing their knowledge and experience with you. The Integrative Animal Portal is not intended to make any diagnosis or prescribe any specific therapy, but has the primary intention of spreading information, regarding various options that could be implemented.

Members have access to an interactive online forum where cases are shared, situations discussed, and options are revealed to aid with further health management. The members also have access to content specific articles, videos, and audio files that further provide information and details regarding health or lameness topics, and modes of therapy. Private consultations are also available, providing the working knowledge of all experts to provide the most comprehensive approach for each patient. SecondVet Integrative Animal Portal is a division of Nouvelle Research, Inc.


Tom Schell, D.V.M., CVCH, CHN
Dr. Tom Schell is a private veterinary practitioner in North Carolina focusing on various areas of specialty involving both the horse and dog. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University with over 23 years of experience applying alternative herbal and nutritional therapies in dogs and horse. Dr. Schell is the chief advisor, researcher, and product formulator for Nouvelle Veterinary Research, Inc., with the sole goal of creating real-world herbal and whole-food based solutions for dogs and horses. He is a certified Veterinary Chinese Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist, with past certification by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Equine Practice. His main area of focus in research is the process of inflammation, how it impacts overall health and degenerative conditions, the immune response, and usage of herbs and nutrition to mitigate the process. Dr. Schell currently resides in North Carolina, operates a private equine rehabilitation facility, and frequently consults with horse and dog owners around the United States and abroad. He is also the author of “Seeing the Whole Horse”.

Tigger Montague
Tigger is the founder of the whole-food supplement company Biostar US and has over 35 years in the nutritional supplement industry. Is the author of two books: Whole Food for Horses, and The World According to Kemosabe. She grew up riding ponies, got involved in eventing and dressage in the late 1970’s and has competed from training level to grand prix. Her grand prix horse, Lionheart, whom she has owned since he was four, and was the inspiration for Biostar with his multiple health issues, lives happily on her farm at the ripe old age of 32. She is a co-host on Horse Radio Network’s Healthy Critters podcast and is a 1975 graduate of Denison University, Granville Ohio. Tigger’s main area of focus and interest is on health and the use of whole-foods in the horse and dog.


Secondvet.com was created to assist the equine and companion animal owner through a better understanding of certain health and lameness conditions that impact their horses or pets on a daily basis. Specific health or lameness issues are common, but often persist for years, impacting health and soundness. Through a better understanding of these conditions and viewing the animal as a whole, we can gain a better perspective on how factors interplay and through this, create options that improve long term recovery and health.

The information presented on this site and through consultations is not intended to replace a veterinary diagnosis or proper veterinary attention. Our goal is to supplement current regimens, helping to educate and provide a higher level of understanding regarding health in horses and companion pets, interweaving diet, nutrition and supplementation to achieve a higher level of success.

SecondVet Integrative Animal Portal is an online interactive, knowledge and education sharing website. SecondVet Integrative Animal Portal and their advisors do not make or provide any diagnosis, nor do they prescribe any therapy with the intention of curing, preventing, or mitigating any disease pathway. The information shared within this interactive forum is purely for educational uses only, based on clinical experience from the experts herein. This information is for personal knowledge only and application of such knowledge and information is up to the individual. SecondVet Integrative Animal Portal, Nouvelle Research, or any of the participating experts are not responsible for application of the information by the owner, nor responsible for any specific outcome.

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