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We are highly experienced in a wide range of conditions including: 

  • Joint Lameness/arthritis  • Soft tissue/tendon injuries  • Laminitis  • Metabolic Conditions 
  • Allergies  • Eye conditions and Uveitis  • COPD   • Gastric Ulcers/ Anxiety  • Poor performance 
  • Cancer Support and Immune Dysfunction 

We help you to better understand your horse's current condition, by reviewing of prior radiographs, ultrasound images, laboratory testing and video or photo analysis, in combination with an assessment of current diet and training regimens.  Taking this information together, we then look at the entire picture, not just the isolated problem, and create a plan moving forward using various modalities of therapy options.

We don't just manage the condition, we address the entire patient, searching and addressing all contributing factors, externally and internally.  We utilize nutrition, exercise, foot/hoof balance analysis, and herbal therapy to get results.

Through our years of clinical experience and research knowledge, we can help you to better understand the health or lameness condition at hand, finding and applying new solutions for better management.


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Dr. Schell, (DVM, DABVP, CVCH)

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Services we provide. Our goal at Secondvet, is to help you to understand the medical or lameness conditions impacting your horse or companion pet, revealing options that may benefit health and soundness... read more >>

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