Therapy Without Limits

  • What does the consultation include?

    Each level of consultation is different and has a different level of response and need. In the basic consultation, your question will be answered with further details and options to consider for therapy. In the In-depth consultation, more time will be dedicated to your situation with reviewing of information, diagnostic tests, diet, housing and video work in order to assist in making recommendations. An email response is provided for the basic consult. An email and/or phone discussion are provided for the in-depth consultation. A follow up email summary is available if desired.
  • How can Dr. Schell assist my horse’s or pet’s situation?

    Dr. Schell is able to assist by first reviewing information provid-ed by you, as the owner and may, at times, request that further tests be performed. After reviewing the information, Dr. Schell is able to further explain to you the current problems and assist you in improving recovery through modifications of diet, environment, use of targeted supplements and even hoof care.
  • Are consultations available internationally?

    Yes. If phone calls are scheduled, an additional cost of $15/hr will be applied for international charges. Email consults are generally easier and more cost effective.
  • How do I schedule a consultation?

    Consults can first be purchased, at the desired level, through our services page. Once the consult is received by Dr. Schell, he will reach out to you via email or phone for further information.
  • Do you prescribe medications?

    No. Dr. Schell will not prescribe any medications but is more interested in helping you to understand the current health situation and use diet, supplementation and other factors to assist in recovery.
  • Does Dr. Schell ‘diagnose’ conditions?

    No. Dr. Schell cannot make a primary diagnosis in your horse or pet, as he is not able to physically examine the patient. However, he does use the information at hand, including diagnostic tests and images to assist you in pursuing and localizing problem areas.
  • How long are the phone consultations?

    Each phone consultation averages 1-1.5 hours and is dependent on the situa-tion.
  • Is there a fee for follow up questions?

    In general, Dr. Schell is happy to assist you with brief follow up questions and progress reports. If the situation or questions require more time, then there may be incurred charges for time allotted.
  • Can Dr. Schell perform laboratory testing?

    In some cases, it is possible to send in various samples for analysis by Dr. Schell, in which case he may request that further testing be performed. If samples are submitted to Dr. Schell’s labora-tory, additional fees may apply.
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Our Mission was created to assist the equine and companion animal owner through a better understanding of certain health and lameness conditions that impact their horses or pets on a daily basis. Specific health or lameness issues are common, but often persist for years, impacting health and soundness. Through a better understanding of these conditions and viewing the animal as a whole, we can gain a better perspective on how factors interplay and through this, create options that improve long term recovery and health.

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