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    What products do you suggest for a French Bulldog who has suffered with allergies all his life? He has good days and bad just like most allergy cases. I’ve tried the typical benedryl, and predisone. I want to do better for him as I’ve now know there is better ways to manage these issues.

    Edited to add: skin allergies is what he suffers with.


    Dr. Schell

    Hi Mic93,

    Thank you for the question. Bulldogs..one of our favorite breeds, especially the English. No offense to the French.

    In either case, bulldogs are walking allergy vats, full of GI problems, especially in the English. They are more predisposed to GI problems, GI upset, allergies and even lymphoma, amongst other skin conditions. Probably why we love them so much.

    The Cur-OST SA Total Support is the formula of choice in these patients.


    Dietary modification will also go a long way to help these guys, moving away from commercial diets and implementing a home cooked diet.

    Good luck!



    Yes they are full of issues! But I love them all the same 😛

    I have been thinking a lot about my dog’s diet since switching my horses over to a clean diet. The processing of dog food is almost more scary than horse feed. While a home cook diet might not work for me currently, I have thought about switching to a freeze dried food for my two french bulldogs. I thought it would at least be better than their normal kibble. This is the brand I have looked into that could be better than normal kibble.(https://www.grandmalucys.com)

    They are on respectable brand of kibble but I still worry that all the processing is not good for them. Not sure if you have any thoughts on freeze dried food??

    I will be ordering the total support for my little guy. He loves to run and play in the grass and through my flower gardens but comes inside with the skin on his belly red and inflamed. Just want him to be able to properly enjoy destroying my flowers without feeling miserable after haha!

    Thanks again!


    Dr. Schell

    Hi. No opinion that I’d like to express on the diet you mentioned. They are all processed and commercial foods, thus containing some level of preservatives and additives. These things do contribute to health problems and allergies, no different than in horses.

    Home made diets are pretty easy to be honest. I generally recommended on a basic level using chicken or fish as the protein source, mixing with cooked rice and mixed vegetables, then adding 1/4 tablet of a woman’s calcium supplement per 25 lbs to the food once daily. These diets can be prepared on the weekend using a slow cooker, which most of our clients did, then divide it up into baggies, freeze and have meals ready to go.

    We had a lot of clients do this and the benefits reaped can be huge.

    I never had an allergy dog, ourselves, except for basset hound many, many years ago. On average, in our own dogs, when using a commercial food, the best that I have found (in that category) was Holistic Select, using the chicken or fish based variety. In our clients that fought me on home cooking, I’d have them use the Holistic Select, and it worked pretty well considering.

    Good luck!



    I am going to think hard about a home cooked diet as I know how good my horses are doing off of processed feed.

    It is refreshing to be able to look at issues with our pets and horses in a different way now and makes me feel like there is hope to get things figured out.

    Thanks again!!


    Dr. Schell

    You’re welcome. Happy to help.

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