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    Dr. Schell, would it be possible to use the Cur-Ost products but not feed alfalfa? We feed a good quality coastal hay and I would be happy to switch him to a small amount of whole oats, but the old rascal becomes way too full of himself on even a flake of alfalfa a day. Thank you in advance for your help-


    Dr. Schell

    Hi. Yes, you can do what ever works for you. Diet change is not required with any of our formulas, but we discuss and recommend it for further overall health benefits.

    The interesting thing about alfalfa is that some do claim it makes the horses ‘hot’. I have seen this in my career, but it is more a reflection of what is going on in the horse, more than the alfalfa itself. If this were not true, then all horses in a group would respond this way, but they do not. This tells us that there is individual variation and for some reason that particular horse reacts to the added protein and energy in that feed.

    First, maybe they don’t need it in relation to the load of exercise they are doing daily. Second, which is more plausible, is that there are some underlying GI problems in which the horse cannot fully digest or there is an imbalance in bacteria in which the alfalfa is ‘feeding.”. Likely, in my experience, it is the second. This is what we are researching.

    Our TB’s were all ‘hot’ when they first came on board…but now are really kittens and on alfalfa mix daily. Hindgut bacteria is balanced based on our testing.

    I hope this helps? Thank you.

    Tom Schell, D.V.M.



    Thank you for your quick reply! I will start him on your products using whole oats and coastal- maybe by summer I can bump him up to some alfalfa. I think you’re spot on about the imbalance in bacteria. Thank you again!


    Dr. Schell

    You are welcome.

    T. Schell, D.V.M



    This is intriguing…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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