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Horse Abscess

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stjelde, are you certain he is abcessing, or could it be a possibility that he was trimmed too short and is thin soled and a bit tender as a result? Have you applied hoof testers to see where he is tender? I consulted Dr. Schell a month or so ago on a similar issue with a 2 YO who is intermittently tender and lame. I mentioned abcess and soaking, to which Dr. Schell advised he would only soak if I was certain it was an abcess, as soaking actually softens the foot and opens up the white line. Dr. Schell has mentioned for his horses he brings them in at night, cleans feet, paints soles with Keratex, and puts their boots on, as the urine and feces tends to soften feet as well. He has said that this has made a HUGE difference in their horses.

We have to remember that it takes a long time for the soles to become thicker, 5 – 6 months or longer for some, so we have to be patient and allow the foot time to rebuild.

Hope this helps, just wanted to share what had been shared with me.

Happy Monday!