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Management Options for Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are a common problem in the dog, but can vary in severity and rate of occurrence dependent on the breed.  In many cases, it seems like the condition appears 2-3 times per year, if not more often.  The more often the ear infection condition arises in your dog, not only does this signal…

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Recurrent Ear Infections in the Dog and Causes

If you own a dog, chances are in their lifetime you will contend with at least one ear infection.  For some, that one infection may happen in the lifetime of their pet, or it could occur more often, potentially every month or two.  Ear infections happen, as they are a part of life for some…

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Laminitis in the Horse; Causes and Considerations

Laminitis is a common lameness and health condition impacting a large percentage of horses from many disciplines.  It is a condition which most horse owners and veterinarians fear and even despise, mainly due to the ongoing level of care that is required and additionally, the poor prognosis.  Laminitis in the horse is a complex condition…

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Tendon and Ligament Injuries in the Horse and Recovery

Tendon injuries are all too common in the horse and are not just confined to the equine athlete.  Any horse can succumb to a strained tendon, even on pasture, with a wrong step or muddy footing.  Despite the injuries being common, the recovery process can be quite extensive for many, resulting on a significant time…

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Equine Joint Arthritis and Better Therapy Options

It is estimated that close to 90% of horses will develop joint related lameness conditions and arthritis over their lifespan.  The frequency rate obviously climbs as the horse ages, but those younger competitive horses are also at an increased risk of joint disease.  A joint allows for motion in the body, but as the joint…

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